Historical Timeline

A Brief History of the Planet Erde: Some Highlights

Date Politics and Culture Technology
c. 6000 years ago Atalantis sinks into the sea; survivors escape to Karne Island and begin to build a new civilization Rope/Fishing nets
Domestication of horses, cows, pigs, and chickens
Irrigation/Paddle boats
Simple sailing ships
Copper smelting
c. 6000 ya First cities established in Haan Lands Canals
c. 4000 ya Crocodile Dynasty begins in Atalantis; Atalantan colonies established on Erde mainland Bronze smelting
c. 3000 ya First Chief of All Haan declared in Kun Lim; civil wars begin
c. 2500 ya Pottery wheel (Haan)
c. 2000 ya Lummusi established as trading center for Bayakan tribes Glass
c. 2000 ya Atalantan Scorpion Dynasty established; Kingdom of Atalantis proclaimed over area extended “to the headlands and the foothills” – approximately a line through current Pithom, Orabella, Rames, and Balint Earliest paper records (Atalantis)
c. 1900 ya Haan civil wars end as first Wax Emperor installed; empire extends to Lake Belenus and central-mountward tribes become vassal states Loom/weaving (Haan)
c. 1700 ya Kofi and N’kosazana established; Bayakan tribes begin colonizing mainland
c. 1600 ya Attikan city-states rise, trading and warring with Atalantis and Bayaka; hegemony extends to central Erde Chariots (Attika)
c. 1500 ya The Snowfall Rebellion – Pictish and Rasnan tribes throw off Haan rule; Haans retreat behind Cloud Range and begin Great Silence
c. 1500 ya Rasnan tribes seize and hold Atalantan settlement at current Orabella; threaten but do not take Attikan town at current Palatea
c. 1500 ya Bayakan Union consolidates territory and begins to colonize highlands of sunward Erde mainland Complex sailing ships
c. 1400 ya Atalantan deepwater fishermen establish relations with Hirokoa hunters and fishers Primitive Compass
c. 1400 ya Indoor plumbing (Haan)
c. 1350 ya Haan Honeycomb Road extends from Lampang to Tu and from Kun Lim to Chang’ am Iron smelting (Haan secret)
c. 1300 ya Tripartite War interrupts The Great Silence as Pictish, Attikan, and Haan forces clash over mining rights. Rasnan Kingdom seizes opportunity to expand borders.
1231 ya Indigo Dynasty rises in Atalantis; council government established
c. 1200 ya Bayaka ends expansion in the Wide Range and maintains claim in face of Haan intrusions Iron smelting common

Saddle (Haan)

1195 ya Akiba of Pylos begins Democratic Experiment in Attika; other city-states soon follow suit Simple water clocks (Atalantis, Haan)
1100 ya Attikan firesignals reach from Edessa to Didima Aqueducts

Iron plows (Atalanatan, Haan)

1080 ya Democratic League of Attika established at Batel Symposium, uniting Attika and beginning Attikan Golden Age Sundials (Attikan)
817 ya Attika and Bayaka enter into The Seafoam Amity establishing border on the eastern fork of the River Raba (still extant today)
c. 800 ya Waterwheel common in Haan Lands, Atalantis, and Bayaka
795 ya In response to sporadic but increasing contact with central Erdan civilizations, Kalama of Maquinna proposes the Union of Peoples in Hirokoa Pump (Bayaka)
c. 740 ya Glassblowing (Atalantis)
700 -600 ya Rasnan expansionism flowers: Rasnan Empire extends hegemony mountward to Lake Belenus river system; push Attikans sunward, back past The Mountward Spine; and drive seaward to take much Atalantan territory, some within two days march of the coast. Lathe (Pict)
c. 600 ya Modern wagon (Pict)
Imperial Year 1    (586 ya) Rasnan calendar, current standard, established. Complex water clocks (Rassena)
IY 43 Rasnan Roads connect Emrys and Rames
IY 85 Rasnan Republic established under First Leader Remick
IY 120 Hirokoa repel Rasnan expeditionary force at the Battle of Burnt Bark Pass; moonward Rasnan expansion permanently halted at Fog Range
IY 125 Rasnan March to the Sea results in occupation of Balint
IY 200 Hirokoa leaders form Confederacy of Nations Horsehoe (Haan)
IY 221 The Anchor Accord grants Rassena rights to Balint until “the moon moves sunward and the sun moonward”
IY 235 Blood Alliance signed at Lugubelenus, uniting Pictish Clans for foreign policy Stirrup (Pict)
IY 245 Hirokoa runners establish routes among all major cities
IY 385 Treaty of Broken Glass signed, establishing mountward border of Rasnan Republic
IY 400 Windmills (Haan)
IY  425 The ship Spirit voyages from Wiccanish to Enu, cementing Hirokoa-Bayakan trade
IY 476 Family of Civilizations established
IY 477 Zero (Atalantis)
IY 583 Anomalies begin
IY 586 Today