Editor’s note

This game had its inception in an attempt to apply my obsessive-compulsive aesthetic to Dungeons & Dragons by revising the race/class system  and, incidentally, moving the game to something other than a faux-renaissance, Eurocentric setting. Things developed, as they are wont to do, in a different direction after I encountered the Grim Tales “low magic, high adventure” d20 game system. I threw out my previous re-build of D&D and put my efforts into world-building a campaign setting for this d20 system instead. The final link in the chain – or brick in the cathedral – came when my gaming colleague Johnbai was describing an early iteration of the new game and said something like “What’s important is the interplay between the different cultures.” This gave the game – and my writing – real focus. What you have in your hand is a player’s guide to a game in which, it is hoped, the interplay of the various values, approaches, methods, and priorities of the player-characters is as important as the plot development, the encounters, and the puzzles.