It would not be appropriate to say “there is no magic on Erde”; perhaps a better way to put it is that it would be no more appropriate than to say “there is no magic on Earth.”

On our world, the views of people regarding the magical, the miraculous, the paranormal, and the supernatural will vary. Some people insist that they have magical powers, some claim to have seen miracles, and some believe that the supernatural is merely undiscovered science. Some religious people blur the line between faith and magic, between prayer and conjuring. Some people merely state that anything is possible. But in no case is magic an unequivocally understood and accepted force in the world by the public at large, the powers that be, or the greater narrative of western culture. There are no licensed sorcerers or certified wizards, no mages at the mall or spellcasting classes at the community college or potions at the convenience store. If magic does exist, it is something mysterious and powerful and known only to a few.

So it is on Erde. While all people know that the sevenfold energies exist and influence their lives, it is not the accepted belief that those metaphysical forces can be harnessed directly or casually to any practical effect. Mystics in religions from every civilization have claimed to have some more immediate connection to the ki, or the wyrd, or the tyche, than everyone else; some have believers have sworn that they have seen such power manifest in otherwise unexplainable acts. With diligent research and strength of will, any Erdan might be able to find out the whys and wherefores of such phenomenon, but to do so would be a great risk, in either success or failure.

And yet, who is to say that such magic doesn’t exist?